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on page SEO techniques


on page SEO techniques
on page SEO techniques 

After reading this article,  you will be clear about on page SEO techniques or on page optimization. What is on page Optimisation and how do we do it. I always told you that on page Optimisation is very important fector. backlinks or backlink building would not improve your SEO score much.  then improvement by on page if your content is good content is the king you create the link and the person click on the link to but your landing page is not appealing. And container is not good this will affect your SEO score so on page is the most important factor in ranking if you check you will find that 95% weightage of a SEO is on page SEO.

1. Use H1 H2 H3...Headings for On Page SEO

Let's start from the beginning H1 H2 H3 H4 headings.we need to put our most important lines in the H1 tag next is H2 sabpoints. Let's try to understand like website of the Indian knowledge so I write welcome to the Indian knowledge this will stay in H1today we will talk about SEO this will be in H2 other details will be in paragraph if I make more headding let's say of SEO this will come in H3 let's say SEO is H1 means I am talking about SEO and it has two part on page and 1.off page and 2.on page is H2 off page is H2   too. Basically we need to use H1 once and H2 we can use multiple Times we can go till H6.

Remember H2 will come inside H1 and H3 inside H2 and so on like the person can understand the series of our contain but Google would not so for a successful crawlingwe need to give headings tag like H1 H2 etc but people used to think that H1 means big and H2 means small you can even make H1 H3 look same by increasing their size but there's some other story behind backend.

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2. Yoast SEO plugin for on page SEO

Next thing is yoast SEO. If you are starting your career SEO then yoast SEO is the best plugin of WordPress this plugin will tell you about the content keyword density readability. Weather you've kept your focus keyword in the beginning or not  focus keyword like. I need to write a blog on SEO so SEO is my focus keyword. I will automatically recommended me to write my focus keyword.

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3. Description Of On Page SEO

Description is one of the most important factor in SEO . Let's say if person search SEO. So result come what is SEO 10 proven techniques to rank number 1 linkage the Indian knowledge.in/SEO-techniques. And in the description below there's call to action. but you need to write appealing Catchy lines. So that he opens our links. Think about it whenever you search something on google. you opened the link after reading the description right?  If that description is not appealing, you won't open it. Some inappropriate or irrelevant data. you won't open it. Sometimes we don't even open the page because we got our answer from the description itself. So description is very important think.

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4. Enternal linking & External linking for on page SEO 

Let's talk about internals and external linking.

1. Enternal linking

Enternals linking means. That my page I added links of my others pages/blogs. Let's say a page ranks better and I'm getting hugs traffic too. If i link others page also. Chances are high that visitors may see those pages too. At least 10000 out of 1 lakh? Ultimately win-win situation. Our aim is to increase our engagement our traffic is increasing.

2. External linking.

what happens with external linking. Let's say i wrote marketing. Marketing has it's meaning. How does google know? What am i trying to express about marketing. sometimes internal politics. Internal of this mobile phones. Internal means specification. So i can link that internal to specification. Google will know this. Google can easily read yours website.

That's it. You just need to execute your content in an easy manner. and also to google bot.  that's it. One more thing our page speed should be fast. What wen can do for that? Keep the image small compressed. Mean quality less. Our page's loading time.  Server should be fast that's it. I don't know why people made a big deal of this. On page SEO blah blah..

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SEO is the most important factor, content in important too. And write in such depth that he shares with his/her friends. This is real SEO. Not this. I'll bring your page on the top. What do you need to do? create false backlinks.

This is SEO. So i hope you will link this article. please share with your friends. 

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