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16 Techniques To Drive More Traffice On Your Webside

16 Techniques To Drive More Traffice On Your Webside

16 Techniques To Drive More Traffice On Your Webside

Hello friends, welcome to your article in which you are going to talk about, "16 Techniques To Drive More Traffice On Your Webside" will tell you about this. Friends Today, Online Business is a necessity for everyone, High Traffic is required for everyone. Blogging also runs entirely up to the traffic itself. The block on which the high traffic is, the more popular and better blog it is.

In this post I am telling you the traffic of the block, by following which you can increase the traffic 100% of your block If you do not have traffic on your blog then it is not any use. The value is whose people do Salute exactly if you have 50 posts on your blog and there is good traffic then your blog will be Better with any other 200 post block.

To increase the traffic It is also very important to promote And you can make your blogging successful

1. From a search engine (organic traffic)

If you want to get long-term traffic. So the first and most important of your visitor should be "organic". Visor comes from any search engine like google, yahoo, bing and yandex on any site. So he called organic traffic.

Let me know for your information. If you have to earn more money than Adsense So focus more on this. Because, Adsense provides more CPC than traffic coming from search engine  

Learn SEO

If you want organic traffic So this is very important. Should rank in top position on your post search engine. If you already know about SEO So much so that you know. "SEO" is the only technique to rank in Google and other search engines.

So straightforward, that's the first strategy for you, what is SEO? Learn about it properly. If you have not got good guidance about it yet. Please follow our link. He has learned about search engine optimization from the right and simple method.

Do practice, understand and apply SEO

The second thing happens. After reading and understanding SEO, apply the technique properly. There is also a lot of practice to do. Because we read about search engine optimization. So he seems very good and easy to us. But when it comes to doing things ourselves, then we fail to implement properly.

If you think so Once you have optimized the blog, you will get a night-night rank. So your thinking is absolutely wrong. According to my personal experience, before leaving this article, clear one thing today. Looking at today's competition. It may take at least 3-4 months for SEO to look at the search engine.

[Note: - This duration has told me focusing on fresh and fresh blogs. If there is an older blog. That's been a lot of time. That blog's domain authority is good, SEO has been implemented properly. As well as a lot of backlinks and readers already have. So the new post of such blog can also rank in 1-2 days.]

here's quick tips for you

Read, understand, apply and do the practice of SEO

Always write for readers - Always write for your readers.

Try to always write a quality article. Write quality article.

Always do differently from other - Always try to separate from the other. So that Google and people like it.

Never try to over optimize a content - Do not over-optimize the content anytime. Google does not like it at all. 

If the line between the lines is the keyword place. So it gets over optimization. In return, search bots can remove your content from spam by rating it as spam.

2. Use Social media

How much of the riders of social media is in today's youth? This would be better than you know People connect with lost friends through a platform like facebook. Some people are sitting sitting and sitting all day long. So facebook and twitter for them is a very good option to spend your time. But, for our bloggers and marketers like, social media is a good resource for promotion.

Friends always treat your blog and posts as a product. Now you know so much. Promotion is very important for any product. Through this, we can drive a lot of traffic to our website. You probably will not know from above Google considers social signals as an indirectly ranking factor.

So if you want orange traffic too. Even social sharing is important. Only then will you rank in post search engine. You can not ignore it at all.

Now you are steps ...

Make brand pages -

First of all there are social media accounts. Make your brand page (page on your domain name) in all of them. It is very easy. Any business above must have a brand page. Of course this is your decision. Whether you want to make this page or not. But, by creating a page on social media it appears to be how professional you are.

Whether you can create your facebook page right now. However, you will reccomend to create an account on all social media like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, instagram.

Share and grab benefits

Creating accounts only on social platforms will not get any benefits. That's why whenever a new post will be posted on the blog. So its link always shared. Some people are very lazy. To ignore this little work on. That is a lot of talking about many benefits.

Linking is a quick index in post search result. Sharing increases, as well as increase the number of our followers.

3. YouTube channel

Suppose youtube is not a social media. But youtube has the same number of users as facebook and twitter. Perhaps you would be surprised to know this. But after Google, Youtube is the world's number two search engine. That is why you will give this advice Let's talk about the subject in which you write content. Create your own youtube channel on its base and publish video on it.

The market is changed
If you have to stay active on the Internet. You will have to know. That's what trend is currently in the mind of the people. Not even if I tell you. The market has changed. I mean to say. That was a time ago. When people used to save a lot of their data (internet pack). Whenever a post used to read Then they used to close their mobile data and read that post.

But if you talk about today So internet charges are so cheap. Everybody is taking advantage of it by opening. This change started with the arrival of Jio in India. Because most people like to watch videos on youtube in post reading. Dr. According to a report by Vivek Bindra, there will be so much traffic on youtube by 2020. People will shift from TV to YouTube on YouTube. So understand this and start uploading video on youtube.

Create a Youtube channel and make videos on your textual content

Friends are the only mantra to sustain long in the world. As the world changes. Then change yourself too. First you create your YouTube channel and upload videos to it. But keep this in mind. The topic on which you are running a blog. This is the topic on which the post is posting. Videos will be uploaded on the same topic. What will it benefit from? It has been described below.

Collect traffic, backlinks & follower
Maybe you might be thinking. What can you do to upload videos to YouTube? And how this can increase the traffic of blogs. So know this. What can it be ...

You can ask people in Youtube video. The guide told in the video of the video if you want to read. You can check in the link description of the article. So that people will click on that link and there will be traffic on our blog.
The second gets another benefit. That is, we get enough backlinks too. A link to the description of the first video gives you a no-follow link from there. But, there are some such bloggers too. Which enable our YouTube videos in their blog. Simultaneously, as well as the description of the video, as it is past. So we get a lot of backlinks.
The third and the best benefit from my perspective will be found. That, we can increase our followers. But, for that we have to be aware of the logo to follow in the video. Also, link to your facebook and twitter page will also be advertised in description.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing This is part of digital marketing. Nowadays, big and expert bloggers use it. Also recommend to others to use it as well.

what is email marketing? 

I have already done an email marketing consultation guide before this. Email marketing is to create a list of your customers or readers' email ids. And using that email id to send new post or product information to them by mail.

Create an account

First you have to make an account on one of the tools of email marketing. Here some of the popular tool links have been advertised below.





Constant contact

[Note - These tools are not free. But they provide free service to trial periods or to some subscribers.]

Collect email subscriber and share them
The last and most important work will be done right now. That is, you will collect email subscribers. In the end, they will share your every new post.

You can use popup to collect subscribers. In the popup you can type in To get the latest post, please subscribe by entering your email id. Or the blog has already received a comment. Add the IDs of those comments to the list.

Next step, once the list is created, all those subscribers need to send the new post information by email. And this is very easy. With the help of those software, we can send mail to all the people with just single click.

That too with their name! It seems to the front. This mail has been written for them. But in reality all this happens with the help of software.

5. Use Push Notification

Use of web push notifications has increased significantly since the last few years. Using this, we can comfortably increase traffic up to 20-25%. You have seen this many times. That, if you visit a blog So Wohapar comes in a popup. Which is written in "Example.com Then whenever a person asks a question. So, along with a short answer, it will also link to your article. Which will give you great traffic.

9. Convert Visitors in Audience

This last and important technique is to increase the traffic of friends blog. Let's say you have a lot of traffic today. But after a few days, your blog is influenced by Google's algorithm update. And suddenly your site has a ranking drop. So what will you do in such a situation? That is why it is very important. We all know how to convert today's visitor into our audience.

You use your brain. But using any technique, change your visitor to audience. It may take a few months. However, today one visitor joins us. So a good audience is prepared for the future. Which will benefit from this. After some time we will get a lot of followers. If we write a new post in the future By sharing that post in facebook and twitter, we will be able to generate good traffic.

10. Use Long-Tail Strategy

Using Long-Tail Keywords at Your Page or Post is called Long-Tail Strategy. Long-Tail Keywords A set of keywords or Keyword Phrases that are very much related to the product or service you provide. Whenever a Client or Visitor searches for that keyphrase, there is a greater likelihood of getting higher rank of your website in Search Results. Like if your keyword is "Seo Techniques", then your Long Tail keywords can be: "10 SEO Techniques to Improve Your Search Ranking". Long Tail Keywords are very important nowadays because these are very specific and therefore search engines give such importance to such posts.

11. Reduce Your Website's Load-Time

Do you know that the ideal time to load any website is 2 to 3 seconds. If there is more than 3 seconds load-time, our website visitors can be reduced by up to 40%. Sometimes we add more size pictures to our posts, or we install many unwanted plugins. At the same time, due to many other reasons, our website load-time is increased which increases the chances of the decreasing traffic of traffic. For this, we should uninstall all the unnecessary plugins and optimize for Pictures with the help of Photoshop.

12. Make High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks means having links to your website on other websites. The link that a visitor clicks on from another website to your website is called Backlink. Backlinks is a very important part of Search Engine Optimization. The more good and high page rank websites will have links to your website, the page rank of your website will improve.

When you write a comment or a guest post on any other blog or website or comment, then it is possible to get backlinks. You should make Guest Blogging on a famous blog related to Niche / Field of your Website to create High Quality Backlinks. You can read ou article How to Build Backlinks to Improve Page Rankto increase High Quality Backlinks

13. Valuable Content Build:

I had already thought that I have to create value, that is to create something that is beneficial for the people, who really can help them. I have always put a lot of emphasis on QULAITY of Article. Never post post just for posting even though there are some gap in your two posts ... but do not compromise with quality.

And remember that regardless of the topic you blog, travel blog, finance related blog, music blog etc ... value can be cr eated. You have to treat your readers as a KING and they can give as good a good one as possible to read them.

Perhaps you are funny but occasionally when I write an article, I think in my mind that this article will be read by INDIA's Prime Minster, and automatically my quality gets improved. Keep in mind that millions of people will read the article written by you and they should not be time-consuming.

14. Link to other related posts in a post:

Whenever you are writing an article and if you are telling something about it in which you have written something before, then give it a hyperlink.

For Example: I have mentioned about the inspirational speech of Steve Jobs in some of my posts, so I hyperlink their name so that if the reader wants to read more about them, then click on their name to reach that post.

15. Extend the blog's external links:

External links means that your blog is linked to another website or blog where click visitors can access your blog. To generate an external link, you can submit your blog to Blog Directories and comment on others blog When inserting, you can also enter your blog's URL and create your own link.

The better webist related to your blog will be your link to Google will give the same value to your site and your page -rank and Moz rank will improve, and your site will come up in search result.

16. Register in Google Analytics

This last and important technique is to increase the traffic of friends blog. Let's say you have a lot of traffic today. But after a few days, your blog is influenced by Google's algorithm update. And suddenly your site has a ranking drop. So what will you do in such a situation? That is why it is very important. We all know how to convert today's visitor into our audience.

] href="https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/" target="_blank">Google Analytics is Google's free service through which you can learn the statistics of your blog.

Some Important Things You Can Know:

• Which posts have been viewed?

• Total Number of Page Wives. 

• Number of visitors. 

• How many people are visiting from which city?

 • Are people searching on your blog?

 • Source of Traffic. 

• Average time spent by a visitor

By analyzing these details, you can understand which type of post is becoming more popular, and accordingly, you can plan further posts.

Final word

To translate a blog to your visitors, you also have a choice. If you want to get traffic from traffic to your blog then click here. But if you do not have any traffic, your blog will not increase traffic. So the main thing is that you have a look at each of the poins and use the tips on your blog. And in tips to get your blog's loading speed forward, because of the blog's loading speed slow, visitors also do not have access to your blog. So hammest your blog's fast loading banaye

Finally, I have spoken to ponts for all the words I have spoken about. You can talk to a person or you can follow him. But even if you are confused or have any questions, then you have a question that is related to the comment box on your comment box. I am happy to help you

If you have any questions, please help us to find a helpful source on your social site and share your creative message.

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