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how to buy domain name

how to buy domain name

buy domain name
buy domain name

A domain name is a name that identifies your website differently on the Internet. If you want to create your website or create a blog, then you need Domain Name.

If you need more information about the domain name, click this link: What is Domain Name?

To purchase Domain Name, select the following Steps:

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1. Like the right domain name for your website

How to select right domain name

First of all, prefer a domain name for your website, a good domain name can be the reason for the success of your website, so take care of the Domain Name purchase time and time.

You can take care of some of the following:

Domain name should be easy to remember such as India, TechIndia, FinanceMitra, saralYoga, HindiBlogging etc.

Name should be in line with website such as TechIndia for Technology of India, FinanceMitra for Finance and HindiBlogging etc. for Hindi Blogging. So that the user will be immediately taken to the website with the name of his subject immediately.

The domain name should not be too long, the more work letters are, the better. This allows people to easily write the website name in the browser such as India, Bharat, Surya, Pavan, Newser etc.

It is better that the word search engine (such as google) can be searched better because it will increase rank of your website's search engine.

TLD-top level Domain Likes

In the domain name, you should take care of TLD ie top level domain like .com, .Net, .rg, .co.in and .in preferred. Most comers only register on the internet and most people like to take a com. Therefore, it is advisable to take your first choice.

If your choice of name is not available in .com then first choose another name which is available. If you want the same domain name then any other TLD like .NET or.


If the domain name that has a popular copyright registered, it is advisable not to choose a name like google.com , facebook.com GoogleNews, FacebookNews etc. Because there can be some problems later in this. So should stay away from such names.

2. Do not check the domain name available

If you have chosen a name, then that domain name is not available. You can check availability of domain name from the given website link below.




You will have to click on the link mentioned above and enter your domain name in the given search box.

3. Select the Domain Registrar

It's called domain registrar who does a domain name sale. Domain registrars are those with whom you can buy domain names, such as Bigrock, Godaddy Vagare ..

The fees for the Domain Registrar are different. Generally, the price of .com is Rs. 600 to Rs.1000 per year. Bigrock and Godaddy are the main domain registrars in India. Both of the first year's cost 100 O Since we recommend buying Bigrock, because of its second year cost reduction is approximately 600-700, while for the second year from Godaddy cost Rs. 1000-1200

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Keep in mind that you have to pay the domain name's fees every year, so when choosing a domain registrar, you should take care of how much you charge after the first year.

As Godaddy first year's Rs. 99 / - but the fee after the first year is Rs. 1200 takes it.

That's why we recommend buying BigRock, whose first year's fee is Rs. 99 / - and fees after the first year is Rs. 600-700 which is roughly half of Godaddy.

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Domain name and hosting service can not be bought from the same company because if Hacker hacked your hosting, then he can transfer or hack the domain name.

4. Domain Name Purchase

After choosing domain name and choosing domain registrar, after you have purchased Domain, search your domain name for it by selecting the correct domain or Add to Card, then checkout for payment.

Going to this link will not require you to add a Promocode and you can choose to check out the domain directly. This way ..

1. Type the domain name and search in Jake Search Box on the link mentioned above.

2. Liked the domain and click on the Choose button

3. Select how to buy a domain for a number of years and apply promocode and then click on the Next button.

4. If you do not have an account then enter your correct detail by clicking Create Account per click

5. Pay by Online Debit / Credit Card or Net Bank

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