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How to make money with AMZONE FLEX In INDIA

How to make money with AMZONE FLEX  In INDIA

How to make money with AMZONE FLEX  In INDIA

Major India E-commerce site Amazon India has introduced a new program for the convenience of the people. Under this program of Amazon, any citizen of India can earn money by delivering Amazon products. Amazon's program name is 'Amazon Flex'. Under this program, the company wants to strengthen its position on delivery in India. Let's know everything about this program.

How to Create Account On AMZONE FLEX

If you want to create an account on Amzon Flex, you can To make an account on Amzon Flex, you have to go to Amzon Flex's website and you have to fill your details such as name, address, state and your account will be ready.

How much money can you make on Amzon Flex?

You can earn unlimited money from Amzon There is no stopover here. If you work 2 to 3 hours of daily, then Amzone will pay you  120 to 140, So if you work 3 to 4 o'clock of the day, you can earn up to 450 to 500 rupees per day, and by the month you can earn up to 15000 comfortable money. Just a bat, you must have a bike or a car

Application for delivery in Amazon

If you want to earn money by delivering Amazon's Flex program by delivering products in part time, then first visit https://flex.amazon.in/ and create your profile. After creating a profile on this, you will find a link to download Amazon Flex App. You will be trained after profile verification and after that you can deliver the goods in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. By the end of this year, the services of Amazon Flex will also be launched in other cities of the country.

Deliveries will get accident insurance

Explain that if you join the Amazon Flex program, you will get accident insurance on behalf of the company. The condition for this is that you should have a bike and you also have a driving license. Plus you also have an Android smartphone.


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